About Camp Cotubic

Parent Information

Will my child be safe at Camp Cotubic? Who will supervise my child? These questions and more with answers click here.

Contact and Mission Statement

Contact Camp Cotubic at the number and address listed below or you may fill out our contact form.

Camp Cotubic
2158 Rd. 25 N.
Bellefontaine, OH 43311

Phone: 937-468-2519
Fax: 937-468-2520

Directions to the Camp

Do not depend upon Map Quest for directions to the camp. Their directions are very confusing and not 100% direct. 
For detailed directions, click here.

Summer Employment at Camp Cotubic

We offer exciting summer camps and retreats during the spring and fall months.
We recognize you have many opportunities each summer in which to invest your life...Read More!

Camp Director: Scott Stephens

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